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About us

Welcome to Shuman Hospital

Shuman Hospital is located in the heart and center of the East and West of the capital city of Freetown. Our hospital has unique characteristic that distinct us from other hospital. We have various specialty with fully functional services to carry on the successful operations of the hospital. We are 24/7 available to serve the people of Sierra Leone from our two branches with first class facility and quality service. Our services are affordable with the very best of specialist doctors to take care of your health because at Shuman Hospital your health is our concern.

Why Choose Us?

Shuman Hospital was founded in 2010 as a clinic and started operating as a medical hospital in 2018. The Hospital aimed to provide quality and top class medical services to every Seirra Leonean. We are medical professionals passionate about the
health and well being of our patient which is our primary focus at
all times.

Our Mission

Our mission is aimed to provide quality medical services at affordable prices to everyone which include the poor.


Meet our CEO

Our vision is to expand our reach to every Sierra Leonean with the very best of Medical services and world class standard with high quality services at affordable prices that caters for all.

Our Specialized Doctor's Team​